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Chord DAVE with ARC6 DC4 and more

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Chord DAVE with ARC6 DC4 and more

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I am considering selling my (black) Chord DAVE DAC with an absolutely maxed out (also black) Sean Jacobs ARC6 DC4 LPS (with SR Orange fuse and Mundorf silver/gold wiring).

I have a Mundorf silver/gold umbilical ($2K value) and a regular OCC copper umbilical. Hint: The Mundorf silver/gold is better. 


There is also:

- An AudioWise SRC.DX.

- High Fidelity Cables CT2 3D RCA/BNC cables. That's the new reference CT2 model. Those are not released on their web site yet but I am told they will sell over $3K.

- The absolute latest revision of the Sablon USB cable (updated by Sablon last month).

- I also have a Shunyata Research Omega USB cable if you prefer that one. 

- A set of 3 x Critical Mass Center Stage footers 1.0 and a set of Stillpoints Ultra6 footers. 


Trying to free up some space and financial resources for new experiments I have in mind. Not convinced it's the right choice, but I can always assemble the same digital source after my new experiments. This DAVE DAC with ARC6 and the SRC.DX + High Fidelity Cables playing PGGB files is the best DAC I have heard (to my liking of course) regardless of the price. 


Contact me for price and more details. 


Industry disclosure: 

Dealer for: Taiko Audio, Aries Cerat, Audio Mirror, Sean Jacobs


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