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Sonore opticalModule (NOTE: not the current deluxe model)

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Sonore opticalModule (NOTE: not the current deluxe model)

bi-directional fiber media converter or FMC. The opticalModule has an SFP fiber optic transceiver on one side and an RJ45 connector on the other side. The unit can be used to add fiber-optic networking to your existing wired network or convert your existing fiber optic network to a wired network. The unit can be used with All Sonore products or any other network server or endpoint.


Purchased February 2020 and used with Sonore/SGC LPS feeding an UpTone etherREGEN.  Great combination.  Once I had a second eR, however, it was not needed.  


Would prefer to sell along with opticalModule for reduced price of $220 for both.  Perfect working order.  Cosmetically very good.   Also, if both purchased, free fiber cable included:   1 m/3.3 feet - Cable Matters 10Gb 40Gb OFNP Plenum Rated Multimode Duplex 50/125 OM3 Fiber Cable (Fiber Optic Cable, LC to LC Fiber Patch Cable).


Grimm Audio MU1 > Mola Mola Tambaqui > Mola Mola Kaluga > B&W 803 D3    

Cables:  Kubala-Sosna    Power management:  Shunyata    Room:  GIK Acoustics   


"As neither the enjoyment nor the capacity of producing musical notes are faculties of the least use to man...they must be ranked among the most mysterious with which he is endowed."  Charles Darwin - The Descent of Man

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