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Near Wall or On-Wall Speaker Considerations

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Our main floor was originally wired for in-ceiling speakers but I can't get into the sound of any that I've listened to: Kef, Paradigm, Sonos.


Since reading/planning here I've come to the conclusion that I'll setup two stereo zones to fill our mostly open concept main floor. Our smaller home in Toronto has approx 900 sqft on the main floor:

- first zone will be the living room which is the only part of the floor the is close to being a room. I'll use a pair of Onyx Ref 1's for this zone.

- the second zone, the important one, is a great room concept (19 x 30) and I'd like to get a pair of speakers that are as close the back wall (across the width) facing forward to fill the space.


I'll be using Win 7/JRiver DMS and Emotiva UPA-7 to power the two. I may be running this through an AVR like Yamaha RX-A2000 or just keep it separate and use something like the rDac (need two stereo zones).


Wondering if I could get some suggestions on speakers that I could listen to in Toronto that are either floor standing that can be close to the back wall, or bookshelf size that can be wall mounted.


Listening style: Mainly we'll be listening at low levels as a family but when we have people over I want some punch (not ear splitting but a little bounce to the party). Very eclectic musical tastes but mainly play funk, jazz, old skool hip-hop, and classic rock.


Budget is $1500.


Current considerations:

Totem Acoustics Staff

B&W 685


Any sugestions are appreciated.



Van G

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