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Hifiman HE4XX or other HP for on the go?


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My trusty ATH 50's are fritzing out. Looking for a low impedance HP for cell phone usage. I have narrowed down to the Hifiman HE4XX. Any other ~$180 HP's I should be considering. Based on my reading, sans the ability to evaluate w/o 1st purchasing, these seem like the ones to chase.

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Got the HE400i in January, no balanced cable provided. Just standard 3.5 and adapter to 6.3
Very happy with it, provided the HP amp has sufficient output. The iFi Neo DAC-Pre and Heaphone amp did not provide enough juice, even with balanced output. while the iFi iDSD Signature does, even single ended.
You may run there into a problem with Hidizs. OTOH that device is realy portable, the iFi is only transportable ;-)
4.4mm aftermarket cable I own now. Alternatives start at 23.99 USD

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I use Meze classic 99 with Helm Bolt DAC dongle connected to my old iPhone 7 Plus w/128GB as Qobuz offline player several hours a day. Really enjoy them vs

my "better" Audeze headphones because they are pretty sensitive, good natural sound despite the output power limits of a cell phone dongle adaptor.

I would only go for a Hifiman or other planar with cellphone use if it were wireless/Bluetooth so that  battery drain didn't impact the phone heavily.

Will be forced to go bluetooth eventually with my newer 11 model iphone as its really irritating to listen to vs same content played on the 7, suspect

they are only user satisfaction  testing anymore with wireless







Audio system

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Alright I have the HE4XX, Hidizs S9, USB C to C , and 2.5mm TRRS to dual 3.5mm TRS cable ordered.


Looks like the Hidizs can handle down to 12ohm so at 35ohm I should be doing fine. Only battery life of the phone to be concerned with.

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