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Sean Jacobs LPSU based server need MB help please?

Mr Morris

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Streacom Fc9 passive cooling 

MB Biostar H81MHV3 V7.0 WITH I3 processor (1150)

JCat XE USB card using a riser cable- a poor compromise for a great card

DIY Sean Jacobs LPSU with booster board for EPS 12 V with 5amp fuse 12v ATX, 3,3V, 5v and 5V for USB card all dual regulater boards (one in PSU case, one in PC case except the 12V, both in PC case.


Two questions if anyone can help please?


1/ Any suggestions to work out if I can get this going? It was working fine for about 6 months, but recently didnt want to boot. stuck on bios screen then shutting down., but after a few attempts it would work. I was just leaving it on, but went away for a week and accidently turned it off at the mains and now it does nothing, only the mouse briefly lights when I press the power button. My  MB appears to have died. PSU measures fine and swapping in the old switching PSU makes no difference. Have tried booting without anything connected except a stick of RAM and nothing. Advice help/appreciated please? (I have ordered a PCI MB diagnostic MB plug in tester, but doubt any power getting to the board.)


2/ If I have to ŕeplace, it seems to make sense to get something more up to date so I can use ddr4 Apacer RAM and mount the USB card on the MB directly and have space for a network card etc. I don't up sample, only use JPlay Femto player ,and I dont want to have to go over the 5amps on the 12V required for the processor if I can avoid it, but obviously want to get good sound quality. without spending too much. I think I would prefer onboard graphics,  as not after anything fancy and will only use for setting and occasional system changes and web streaming.


would appreciate suggestions for MB and processor under £500 or up to a max of £1000  if people can say why you would recommend to go that high 


Thanks for any help


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