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Marshall Full Stack JVM410H/1960A/1960B

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Marshall Full Stack JVM410H/1960A/1960B

I thought why not?  This is an amplifier and two speaker cabinets so maybe this fits the bill.  In any event, here goes:


Up for sale is my mint condition Marshall full stack consisting of the JVM410H head and the 1960A slant cabinet and the 1960B straight cabinet and the footswitch for controlling the amplifier.  Tube driver and output stages with digital signal processing up front to tailor the tone of the four individual input channels.  Each cabinet has four (4) Celestion speakers.  If not actually high fidelity, it certainly does play loud and with as much crunch and distortion as you could ever hope for!
All three are in mint description with any cosmetic or operational issues whatsoever.  Speaker cables and and original Marshall covers for each of the three are included.
Pickup only in the Washington, DC, / Northern Virginia area only as I am unable to move the equipment by myself to a shipper, etc.  In the past some have used the UBER delivery service but that must be arranged for and paid by the purchaser.  Payment must be in cash when picking up in person or via Paypal prior to picking up which incurs an additional 3.5% on top of the bid price.
Items are listed elsewhere and may be subject to prior sale.  Please ask any and all questions you may have before you bid and make sure you want the equipment because there will be no refunds.
Thanks for looking and good luck!


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    2,700.00 USD
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Love this amp. I just sold mine earlier this year for a little profit. That crunch channel is to die for.   Unfortunately waaay to loud for me, even with the master volume and an additional Rockcrusher  attenuator. 

Good luck with your sale

PC/NAS/JRiver/Roon - PS Audio P5 Regenerator - KEF LS50 Nocturne - Rel 328 subwoofer - PS Audio AC5 Power cables 

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