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I've been wrestling with this brand spanking new Allo Digione Signature player for a day and a bit here. The deault software was/is DietPI with an Allo front end GUI on it. That's fine.


I went through these steps to get a plex player going to cast to: no dice.


I decided to wipe the microSD card and start with Rasplex. Got that going, and oddly enough, still no dice. I also want to be sure the audio will be played via the Signature streamer. Rasplex is more specifically for casting and playing videos to a tv using a raspberryPI.


I'd love to get back to a standard OS flavor on the raspberryPI and HAT, like Moode Player or Volumio, but it's just been a bear to get that going.


Ideally, I'd get:

Spotify, Youtube, and Plex all casting to the box. Am I dreamin'?!








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