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Questyle CMA 12 Master DAC/Headphone Amp

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Questyle CMA 12 Master DAC/Headphone Amp

For sale is my very lightly used Questyle CMA 12 Master DAC/Headphone amp in black.  Near mint physically and performs flawlessly.  Drives any headphones you may have via 4.4 mm  and XLR balanced well as 6.3 mm unbalanced connections.  Check out the Questyle website for specific details.


Price drop to $1200 plus shipping but would prefer local pickup in the Washington, DC, Northern Virginia area.  Paypal will add 3.5% to the total.  Thanks for looking and ask any questions you may have and I will do my best to answer them.  Original packing included.


Lumin X1 and Westminster Labs 0.6 meter umbilical (Sold:  She will be missed), iFi PRO iDSD, iFi PRO iCAN, Questyle Twelve (Master), Marantz AV8805, McIntosh MC1201s Front L/R with Bryston powering the remaining 5 channels, B&W N-801s, B&W HTM-1 in Tiger Eye, B&W 801 IIIs on the sides and in the rear, JL F212 sub, ReVOX PR-99Mk II, Rega P10 and Alpheta 3, PS Audio Nuwave Phono Amp, Audeze LCD-4 and LCD-XC, Ultimate Ears UE-18, Sony CD3000 rebuilt, Sony VPL-VW995ES, Joe Kane Affinity 120" screen, Cables: Cardas Clear Beyond speaker, Wireworld Platinum Elite 7 RCA, custom (by me) XLRs using affordable, quality parts 🙂

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