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PinkFaun 2.16x Clone

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PinkFaun 2.16x Clone

Priced to sell one audio server build with PinkFaun components. This configuration surpasses PinkFaun 2.16x server that starts at 12,000 Euros. The server will ship in 3 separate boxes (original packing for power supplies).

Please note that the pictures show an extra PinkFaun Ultra OCXO I2S card that is not included in the asking price. The I2S card is available separately for $999.00


Package configuration:

Case:  HDPlex H5 v2, 

Mobo: ASRock Taichi X470 modded by PinkFaun, 

OCXO:  CPU & network (PinkFaun)

CPU: Ryzen 2700, 

OS: 256 SSD running Euphony (licensed for this HW fingerprint) or AudioLinux

Music SSD: 4 TB 

USB: PinkFaun Ultra OCXO

Linear power supply: HDPlex 500W.

Clocks power supply: Farad Super3 & Y cable & Synergistic Research Orange fuse


This package can be used as a fantastic Roon server and HQPlayer up-sampler. One can tell the sound improvement over a dedicated server without OCXO clocks even when streaming via AirPlay from Roon to HomePod. The difference is not even subtle.


I have used it successfully with Denafrips Ares II, Terminator+, Mola Mola Tambaqui, and dcs Rossini. Every DAC produced a smooth, analog like sound with great dynamic range.  My favorite system configuration was the server feeding directly an R2R DAC via USB or I2S output cards, and using Euphony Stylus player with or without HQPlayer.


Asking $5,500 obo. Reason for sale: updated DAC to dcs Rossini making thus the server functions redundant.  


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