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The development of Buffalo BS-GS2016 x Giesemann 10M Input Module Black Modernize Edition

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The story of development

AfterDark. is looking for better solution, when we modified and design the new product line. Since we become Sponsored in Audiophilestyle.com, we meeting a lot of old friends where they shares their way to improve sounding with the highly modified network switch. We remember I have a night to visit Hols's place in Hong Kong, when we are dealer for Denafrips R2R DAC. @Hols is a well known audiophile in Hong Kong.  Therefore, after reading the below sharing, he is using Buffalo BS-GS2016 in Cascade connected with SFP Optical Fiber cable. So, we tried to build one with heavy modified - AfterDark. Project ClayX Giesemann OCXO Black Modernize Edition     


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His impression on Buffalo BS-GS2016 Cascade OCXO.


"I would prefer the 2016 than the S100 because of its richer presentations. Using one 2016 already gives you the same character but using two is definitely a revelation. Everything just seems to be present around you. The presence is much better with two 2016." by Hols





"There is an easiness in the sound and everything come up so sure so accurate and fluent. There is no hint of any slowness or muffled sound or harshness that are sometimes associated with over-cleansing. And can I take out the SOtM? Yes I can and still live very happily with the sound. There is only very slight diminished high frequency only noticeable on critical listening."


"Overall very impressed with the clock-modded 2016." by Hols


How we design a Project ClayX Buffalo GS-BS2016 SE Edition?

  1. Improve the outlook which make it more like a audiophile gear
  2. We love the ideas of 10M Master Clock Input function of Buffalo GS-BS2016
  3. The device should be powered externally with audiophile grade LPS
  4. The power section should be enhanced with more exotic audio capacitors
  5. The Giesemann 10M Intput Modules (GIM) will perform synthesizers 25Mhz independently. this clock signal will be optimised to Buffalo GS-BS2016
  6. The units will be powered by LPS externally. 
  7. All modules should be fit into one single box
  8. The internal wire with optimised with Duelund Silver Cable, and solder with Audio Note 
  9. The Top Plate of Chassis will be using Carbon Fiber, tailor made for Buffalo GS-BS2016. 
  10. All the Lan ports inside will be apply with KEMET Corp. EMI Shielding material for eliminate of EMI 
  11. The use of SFP Single Mode Optical Fiber will give you another isolation to connect Cascade of Buffalo GS-BS2016
  12. Optional 10M OXCO can be build in for customer, who prefer all in one package inside the chassis 


This MIFLEX Audio Capacitor we used is over sized at 44mm x 50mm and placed on DC power section. It take quite a long time to burn in. After run-in for 7 days, the soundstage open up and so much airly, the sounding is just more relax and rich representation when we compared with other switch.  




The KEMET Aluminium Capacitor is another big plus to improve the micro details and darkness.


Miflex KPCU-01 Copper Foil Paper / Polypropylene in Oil

"Check out the new Miflex caps, the copper version are amazing.  I've been replacing all of the coupling and/or output caps in all my amps from the Jupiter copper to the Miflex caps.  IME the Miflex have better tonal density, more punch, more detail and present a blacker background.  In almost every respect that I care about, the Miflex are a serious step up. 


Why Buffalo GS-BS2016 needs OCXO optimised?

We have same impression with member @Cool_Chris, the OCXO brings a very good sounding Buffalo GS-BS2016 to other levels. 


"This clock simply adds something that is unreachable in normal switches. It is so calm, fluid and transparent that nothing compares to that. No wonder Jord is installing this clock in his best designs. In short it is mine best switch too and I can't imagine to listen without it.


New Giesemann OCXO Module developed for Buffalo GS-BS2016

The new designed of Giesemann Clock OCXO 10Mhz Clock Modules can synthesizers any frequency from 1-100Mhz. For example, two Buffalo motherboard required to receive two 25Mhz from a Giesemann 10M Master Clock. The latest development version of Giesemann OCXO Modules shall accept external 10M Signal, and provide flexible upgrades vs performance. 



The story behind the new version of Buffalo BS-GS2016 x Giesemann 10M Input Module Black Modernize Edition


We received some special requirement from France recently and looking for upgrade option on his switch. He is currently owned a Mutec SE120, 10M Master clock with multiple outputs of 10M signals. So, he would like to utlities his investment and looking for audiophile grade switch with 10M Master Clock in. He knows that Buffalo BS-GS2016 will be his first choices, but he just want a extra modification with 10M Master Clock Input Module. Would it be possible? he asked. 


Customer: Would it be possible just to modify and add a 10M Master Clock function? he asked. 

Adrian : Since you want to keep your existing 10M Master Clock to work with Buffalo BS-GS2016, we can look in to it.


Customer: If possible, please make a external 12V DC port, so I can use the LPS, it will be great. 

Adrian :  This can be done, we can modify with some Audio Grade Capacitor to be place inside the original chassis, let us found the biggest possible capacitor from MIFLEX Poland. where it can placed inside the Bufallo GS-BS2016.


Customer: Let's give me some update when it is ready. Thanks. 

Adrian : That would be great to have this product, since we have done this projects with Giesemann Clock Modules, we shall design the 10M Master Clock Input Modules from scretch, using the best component and make sure it is small enough to be placed in same chassis. 


AfterDark. Development ideas: 

  • We have some ideas of the new board, a clock synethesis modules turns external 10M OCXO Clock signal into two 25Mhz Clock signal for one Buffalo or dual Buffalos, we shall make two outputs of 25Mhz, just to make sure it is future proof and provide more flexible to upgrades later on. 
  • The DC power module requires to be redesigned for new clock synethesis
  • The placement of module will be re-designed and to be placed near the main board,
  • The chassis require to modify and place extra DC port and BNC socket and accept external 10M Input 
  • A minististic design, which optimised peformance with choices of Giesemann OCXO 10Mhz Reference Master Clock and Giesemann LPS
  • There will be a EVO version, which is build in OCXO inside the Buffalo GS-BS2016 for some customers who needs all in one box solution.  
  • For customer who likes Cascade of Buffalo GS-BS2016, there will be "Made To Order" SE version which accepting external 10M Reference Master Clock, This version will be using the carbon fiber chassis and re-designed with the new the carbon fiber input blackplate.  


Customer review and Software tuning with Cascade of Buffalo BS-GS2016?


"The Buffalo GS-BS2016 will be able to enhance music with more organic and realistic textures, much wider soundstage and revolving dynamics with quality of bass, the details of the entire range will be further improve with AfterDark. Giesemann 10M Input Modules"


Why Buffalo BS-GS2016?

What is so special about this switch? We are selling DELA S100 Switch and modified version. Just looking at the two motherboard, DELA S100 is using the same motherboard as Buffalo BS-GS2016. This make us quite curiosity on how to improve Buffalo BS-GS2016.  So, we purchase two unit from Japan market and see how Buffalo BS-GS2016 compared with DELA S100 (Estimate Price USD1600). So, let us open the metal box and have a look. 



The clock is placed near the Broadcom CPU. The Giesemann Clock Input Module will be bypass the old clock with external Reference Clock 10M. 



We love the industrial design of the Buffalo GS-BS2016, it has oversize heatsink and designed to work 24x7. 




The 1st development of Buffalo BS-GS2016 x 10M Master Clock Input Module Black Modernize Edition



The Buffalo GS-BS2016 x  Giesemann Clock can be powered by AfterDark. Black Modernize LPS x Giesemann OCXO 10M Edition




The AfterDark. Project ClayX Giesemann OCXO 10Mhz Reference Clock (Audiophilestyle.com Edition) 



The Dual SFP Combo ports will provide more flexiblity for devices having SFP modules.




The outlook at the back, minimist designed


Adds on OCXO Features 

  • The product uses the selected audio grade SC cut OCXO, and through long-term calibration to select and install equipment with excellent stability.
  • Ultra High Quality  SC Cut OCXO, very low phase noise and frequency stability 
  • SC Cut refers to stress compensated (SC) cut crystal resonators, which is more advance on performance of Frequency Vs Temperature changes, longer Crystal Aging. The pro is expensive to made and size is larger then normal OCXO. 
  • OCXO are available in tailor made on various audio frequencies on special request. 
  • The module can be used on motherboards, and network switch, where the common frequency is 24 and 25 Mhz oscillators. 
  • EMI material from KEMET EMI Shielding is placed on top of OCXO, to isolate EMI factors for maximizing OCXO performance . 
  • Carbon Fiber material top cover, solid anti-vibration to provide solid EMI/ magnetic coverage.
  • Advanced instrument Symmetricom 5125A calibrated with plotted characteristics. The phase noise, and Allen Derivation defines different grades of the OCXO. 
  • Total 3 channels per module. For example: OUT1: 25Mhz OUT2: 25Mhz 




Mini-Circuit BLP - 10.7+ Low Pass Filter x Sound Tuning


AfterDark. Black Modernize Internal power supply 

  • QUAD / Parallel LDO + Ultra Low Noise / low-phase voltage LT3045 for the second voltage

  • We believe the better the power supply , the Giesemann clock will perform much better with music flow, so smooth which makes music more organic with authority on BASS. 


Phase Noise

GRADE Phase [email protected] 10Hz Phase [email protected] 1Hz
PRINCE -131 -100
QUEEN -132 -103


Giesemann OCXO Clock have two grades to choose, the specification is better than PaulFaun Ultra OCXO (Phase Noise -130 dBC at 10Hz)


The Giesemann OCXO Clock Module is greatly benefit with independent Linear Power Supply and located away from the Buffalo motherboard. Therefore, the phase noise is much better when compared with Paul Faun modules requires the power fitting from motherboard, which creates create interference with power noises.  









Amp: Goldmund 27+ EVO Preamp, Goldmund 29M Power Amp, Goldmund AC-Curator

DAC: CH Precision C1.1 Digital Convertor,  Studer D19 DAC

Digital: Mutec MC3-USB,  AfterDark. Giesemann OCXO 10M Master Clock Giesemann EVA 

Playback: Goldmund PH3 Phono Amp, Linn LP12, Studer A807 VU MKII Open Reel


Dealer: SMSL, Gustard, Farad Power Supply, Cybershaft, Thixar, UpTone Audio, Waversa, DELA

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The open box of Buffalo GS-BS2016


















Amp: Goldmund 27+ EVO Preamp, Goldmund 29M Power Amp, Goldmund AC-Curator

DAC: CH Precision C1.1 Digital Convertor,  Studer D19 DAC

Digital: Mutec MC3-USB,  AfterDark. Giesemann OCXO 10M Master Clock Giesemann EVA 

Playback: Goldmund PH3 Phono Amp, Linn LP12, Studer A807 VU MKII Open Reel


Dealer: SMSL, Gustard, Farad Power Supply, Cybershaft, Thixar, UpTone Audio, Waversa, DELA

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