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Cannot get 24/96 to play using ASIO4ALL and Musiland MD-10 DAC

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Wow. This website is great! Just what I've been looking for. I've enjoying the sound of my Musiland MD-10 for several years now. Recently was I able to rip DVD-A (finally) and have 24/96 WAV files that sound horrible through my DAC. The songs are really slow and distorted.


I use Winamp with ASIO4ALL (I'd like to stick with Winamp because my front end uses it). The Musiland is connect via USB. First, I can't figure out from the seemingly hundreds of forums out there if ASIO4ALL supports 24/96. If not, I could connect the DAC using my older Audigy SPDIF, but I'm worried that the lower quality sound card will not send unmolested data. Also I currently connect the digital output directly to my Preamp for movie watching. I would have to split the signal or something.


I'm not interested in buying any new equipment. The sound is great as is. I would really like to add DVD-Audio to my library and perhaps download some other higher rez audio. Thanks.


Windows 7 X64 running iTunes, Airport Express, Musiland MD-10 DAC, DIY cables, RMB-1066, Paradigm Studio 10 V.5 speakers

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Hi burzel2 - Welcome to Computer Audiophile. I currently rip and play DVD-A discs on my Mac Pro and haven't tried much on my PCs. I'm going to test this one and I'll let you know what I find. Hopefully someone else can jump in here as well and offer some advice.


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I don't believe ASIO4All supports anything over 48khz from information I seen on Audio asylum


PC running XP pro, C Play, TC Electonic Konnect 8 Firewire to Spdif, 2 Lyngdorf 2200TDAi amplifiers, Synergy Acoustics crossoverless monitors driven actively by the 2200TDAi\'s, custom subwoofers driven by a Lyngdorf SDA2175

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I managed to get Winamp to play the 24/96 files, but nothing sounded as good as a 16/44.1 file played with ASIO4ALL and USB.


One method was with DirectSound and USB, but somewhere along the way it was down sampled to 48 kHz.


Another method was with ASIO4ALL through SPDIF. But the Audigy sound card would send it at a fixed 44.1, 48, or 96 kHz. There was no discernible sound difference. Also ASIO4ALL was real flaky and seemed to introduce popping and skipping if you played with the settings. I would have to restart Winamp to make it go away.


I'm now convinced the Musiland DAC does not support 24/96 through USB and unfortunately I don't have a good sound card to send it SPDIF. I'm ready to throw in the towel here and stick with 16/44.1. Anyone know how to down sample a 24/96 WAV to 16/44.1?


Windows 7 X64 running iTunes, Airport Express, Musiland MD-10 DAC, DIY cables, RMB-1066, Paradigm Studio 10 V.5 speakers

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