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Your top 5 favorite electronic artist?


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hey, thought it would be fun and useful

here's mine in no particular order:




Bvdub/ earth house hold/ east of oceans

John Beltran/ placid angels

Traumprinz/ dj healer/ dj metatron/ golden baby/ prime minister of doom/ prince of denmark/ the phantasy

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Electronic music has 90 different sub genres. Here are a just a few of my favourites from my collection of 70 favourite artists.

1 Dense

2 GMO vs Dense

3 Carbon based Lifeforms

4 Astropilot

5 Dreaming Cooper

5. Koan

6. Merkaba


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WOW - this one is hard, In no particular order (I will try to add groups that weren't listed).


John Foxx - (some great music from this gent)

Gary Numan

Visage (was one of the first - added just because of that)

Throbbing Gristle

Yellow Magic Orchestra


I will add Kraftwerk - I bought the LP Autobahn when it first came out and saw them in 2004 (the last tour to the US).

Current:  Daphile on an AMD A10-9500 with 16 GB RAM


Pre-amp - Rotel RC-1590

Amplification - Benchmark AHB2 amplifier

Speakers - Revel M126Be with 2 REL 7/ti subwoofers

Cables - Tara Labs RSC Reference and Blue Jean Cable Balanced Interconnects

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In no particular order (including my favorite album for each band), older + more recent:


Clock DVA (Buried Dreams)

Trentemoller (The Last Resort)

Lulu Rouge (Bless You)

Plastikman (Consumed)

Coil (Horse Rotorvator)


Personally not such a Kraftwerk fan, except for "Live on Radio Bremen 1971", which I adore (and which I would not "classify" under Electronic).

And I agree, as said before: too many subgenres to make a selection, hence my "mix".


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An impossible task, so I have simply listed 5 of my favourite covering different styles:


Tangerine Dream




Helene Vogelsinger (a newish discovery for me, whose music keeps finding its way on to my playlist)


I will have to set aside some time and take a listen to some of the names you have recommended above who are new to me.



MacMini, Mytek Manhattan I DAC, Avantone The Abbey Monitors, Roon


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On 9/14/2021 at 1:38 AM, ASRMichael said:


Daft Punk



Eric Prydz


Leftfield Leftism is one of the most incredible albums created. It’s a genre of it own! 


I agree. Leftism is a great album. My favourite tracks are Release the Pressure, Original, Space Shanty, and Open up with vocals from Johnny Lydon (Public Image Ltd and Sex Pistols)

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