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Upgrading Innuos Hard Drive


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Hello Everyone. I’m looking to find out if anyone has updated there Innuos servers hard drive. Questions for me:


- is it a simple matter of removing the existing drive, cloning it and putting the newly cloned drive in as a replacement?

- does anyone know what type of drive they use in the Zenith? I’m guessing its a Samsung SSD?

- has anyone observed any customizations they do to enhance the performance, like vibration control modifications


They seem to have a exorbitant pricing policy on the drives they sell and I can’t fathom what they could do that would justify there price. The other thing that to me is odd, there USB drive connection is designed to import files and do backups only. So an external USB drive for music storage is not officially supported.  Any advice if greatly appreciated. Any of you have done this to the Innuos Zenith/Zen MkIii?


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I have Zenith Mk2 with 2TB.  The Samsung EVO Pro 2.5" SSD is located under the TEAC slim optical drive.  Need to remove the whole TEAC drive assembly first, and in the process, the rubber grommets may get damaged.  The SSD is accessible only after the TEAC drive assembly has been removed.


IMHO, it was never designed for easy SSD replacement by owner.

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Anwar - thanks kindly for the reply. Have you any sage advice about saving the integrity of the grommets?


Interesting they are using a Samsung Pro version in the MkII. Knowing Innuos was not offering an 8tb drive I was thinking the drive might have been and Samsung 870 Evo as the quality / performance difference in the Pro is not considered a good value by most accounts on the internet.

interestingly I looked on the Innuos website today and I see there is a 8tb offering. The only Samsung I’m aware of with 8tb is the 870 QVO which is priced closer to the premium 4tb drives, and it’s longevity is not as long.


Thanks for the feedback. 

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