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Wells Audio Innamorata Signature

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Wells Audio Innamorata Signature

Second owner of this top of Wells line and incredible sounding amp with a detailed yet tube - like warmth, high dynamics and exceptional bass. The Innamoratta and the Innamorata Signature were the first audio designs to use Bybee Labs's revolutionary Music Rails and quantum AC filtering yielding ultra – black backgrounds, the Signature with more Bybee tech = even blacker backgrounds and better micro - detail resolution.

This unit is in overall very good condition however please note – there is a slight ding near the rear left speaker terminals which does not affect functionality (see picture) hence the low price than usual price.


Will ship to CONUS. 

Check out the reviews online.
Wells Audio Innamorata Signature Stereo amplifier (stereotimes.com)
Wells Audio Innamorata Signature stereo amplifier Review - Dagogo

Great opportunity as these rarely come on sale pre-owned.

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    5,000.00 USD
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