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Flirc remote with Roon+HQPlayer

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Trying to figure out if I can get IR control for Roon with HQPlayer 

I am wondering if the Flirc USB remote, https://flirc.tv/more/flirc-usb, can work with HQPlayer NAA and Roon


The setup is:

  1. Audiolinux computer running Roon Core + HQPlayer Embedded
  2. Allo USBridge Signature running RopieeXL with HQPlayer NAA


It is not clear to me if connecting the FLIR USB receiver to the Allo will act as a remote for the NAA (in which case it is useless, since the controls on the HQPlayer don't control Roon. Using them from the web interface causes Roon to lose control - which is what is expected, but useless)


Does the FLIR work as a stand alone control for a specific Roon endpoint- in which case I will be a able to set it up to control the HQPlayer endpoint which means it performs the same as the Roon remote application on a smartphone?



Many thanks

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HQPlayer Desktop supports HID multimedia controls provided through the OS.


But HQPlayer Embedded relies on hardware manufacturer to implement this.


Since NAA is just an audio endpoint, you cannot perform any controls torwards HQPlayer using it.


Signalyst - Developer of HQPlayer

Pulse & Fidelity - Software Defined Amplifiers

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Thanks @Miska

In my case the control is needed for Roon, as it is Roon that controls the play/pause next/previous and not HQPlayer, 

I think I maybe @spockfish can help out here. If HQPlayer is like any other control zone or endpoint in Roon, then from what I am able to understand Flirc remote will work since you can select which Roon control zone it controls. 
As long as Flirc usb is supported on the Allo USBBRIDGE signature with RopieeXL I should be good to go. 


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