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Lumin U1 and audio convolution

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I am using a Raspberry PI 4 with squeezelite and brutefir to listen to music streamed with the good old Logitech Mediaserver.


Because I am so amaced about the sound since I've added convolution to my system and because I do have a Lumin U1 streamer too, I'd really like to have audio convolution also when listening to music with the Lumin device. Unfortunatly I do have no idea how a setup could look like, where convolution is also possible with the U1.


I can not use Roon as the central software for streaming music which would be the easiest solution to my problem, because I am blind and the interface of Roon and the app is absolutely not accessible for blind users.


The Lumin app is useable for me, but the best solution would be the good old Logitech Mediaserver, this software has the most accesible user interface and with iPeng the most accessible app. The Lumin U1 streamer can be controlled and used as a UPNP device with LMS, so integrating audio convolution into LMS could b a way to go.


Another solution might be to use Audirvana. I've not yet tested the new studio version, but the old version was not to bad to use for me. However, I do not have any idea how I can integrate audio convolution into Audirvana. There are so many plugins, some for Mac computers, some for Windows, but which one to use?


I've also played around with the MiniDSP studio and Dirac but I was not that happy with the results I got with Dirac in comparison to the convolution filters I created with Accourate. However, the MiniDSP solution was very easy to integrate for every streamer, so using Dirac with the Lumin was no problem. If there is a hardware solution where I can attach the Lumin to, e.g. via AES/EBU, and where I could attach my DAC on the other side, this would maybe also be a possebility.


If anyone have an idea how to get audio convolution with my Lumin U1 streamer, please let me know!


Kind regards from Munich,



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