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using an external clock with a Lynx AES16e PCIe card

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About a year ago I installed a Lynx AES16e PCIe card into my Memory Player, and I'm very happy with the results.  

One of the features that the Lynx card has is that it can accept a word-clock input from an external clock. I know this feature is intended for studio use, to synch all digital devices to the same clock.   But could a quality clock like a Grimm (CC2) positively impact the sound in a non-studio setup?   Or has the clocking in the card already been optimized?

I'm curious if anyone has this card and has tried external clocking....

thank you



Laufer Teknik Memory Player / Lynx AES16e PCIe card

heavily-modded Audio Note DAC kit / Placette RVC volume control

Audio Note Quest Silver Signature amps / Audio Note AN-E SPe SE Signature speakers

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In theory yes, although many say that the extra cabling brought by an external clock more than cancels the potential gains of a better clock.

Also, It'd make sense to also sync the dac with same clock. It would require your DAC to have a clock input. In studio use, clocks are used to put the (numerous) devices on the same page more than improving theirs embedded clocks (although it can do that too).

I've noticed an improvement when syncing an AES16 and a DAC with the same clock, can't say if syncing only the AES16 would be audible though.

That being said, reclockers such as the MUTEC products seem to confirm that a reclocked digital signal feeding any DAC improves the sound, even when that DAC is not externally synced, Adding a clock to the AES16 should have a similar effect. 

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