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what are these artifacts in the Qobuz Stream?


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Captured this from a qobuz stream...I did so cause the album sounded strange.


The album was recorded in 1975 so predates a digital recording/master process but obviously has been digitized from tapes.


what are these three lines at ~9.5k, ~18k and ~19k?


Also not much energy above 20k... could be related to the digitizing process?



Screenshot from 2021-09-03 19-29-55.png

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Sometimes recordings have noise at specific frequencies throughout the tracks picked up in the studio while going through the production process. You can also have tape bias signals typically seen on hi-res of analogue recordings but usually ultrasonic >20kHz.


I see your filenames but just to double check, which album/track is that one? If it's something I have, I can have a peek to see if this is the same as on the CD.


Doubt an issue with Qobuz unless the studio delivered them a poor copy for streaming!

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