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Need assistance with Matrix Element H

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Hi all, 

  New to the forum, but not to my Audiophile hobby! Since I follow the subject and have built computers in the past, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to build an "audiophile Computer." I thought it a rather novel idea, but I found this is the place with some very like- minded people. Then again, others think it's silly when that same money could be used for a quality server. But that's no fun, it's pre- built. So, I've invested quite a bit in quality components, high- end power supplies and power conditioners, fanless and low noise fans, etc. I also thought I'd try out the Matrix Element H to feed my Schiit Audio Yggsdrasil. I didn't expect any issues with installation of drivers and such as this is a fresh copy of Windows in a new machine. But the computer will not recognize the Element H card. The manual states the card should be automatically recognized on startup and the drivers self- ionstall. That did not happen. I've tried to manually load the drivers several times, and of course it is not well written or intuitive software, and it doesn't finish the install. The device manager is not seeing the card. I tried a couple of different slots. I've tried the internal power supply attached to my P.S. SATA cable. I've tried a very nice 12V Linear power supply I thought would be perfect for this. The power switch is always in the correct position (EXT, INT..)

   I wrote Matrix from their website support but have not received a response, and from reading here, they do not have the greatest support team. I purchased the unit from Moon Audio. I'm hoping someone may have an idea, i've searched and searched and cannot find anyone who had this issue. Maybe I should have spent the extra and gone with the JCat?......

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