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Audiophile Optimizer support ?


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I am patient and allow a company time to respond, but they have not, so I'm curious if anybody else has any experience with them? I installed it about 3 weeks ago and I don't believe it is working. I chose to disable Cortana but it is still active so I doubt if any of the other optimizations were applied. They do not respond to my inquiries. Anybody have any ideas or experience with lack of support. I also tried to order some hardware they offer and they don't respond. At this point I'm beginning to feel ripped off. 




see my system at Audiogon  https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/768



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@bbosler --  @AudioPhil is the one and only person associated with Audiophile Optimizer.  Personally, I've always had very quick response from Phil.


Not sure how you were reaching out to him, but he seems to monitor this thread.  He last posting on 8/23.



sources:  intel nuc8i7 (audiolinux, roon core) (server) | simaudio moon mind 2 (renderer)
headphone rig:  chord qutest > bryston bha-1 > audeze lcd-3
main rig:  chord dave > parasound jc5 > kef reference 1
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