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Roon has lost control of the audio device.


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I, like I am sure many of you, see this message frequently while using Roon. I see it most frequently while listening to any of the Minnesota Public Radio streams, as I do through the day most of the time. Some days I am lucky to get these stoppages infrequently, others it happens often and ends in frustration. However, in this case Roon is not the culprit. I have verified with their webpage streamer and on Tune In that the stream cuts out randomly there as well. So the problem isn't with Roon, however I see the message "Roon has lost control of the audio device" every time, and I have a suspicion why. This is nothing more than Roons generic pop-up for any problem and means nothing specific.

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Yeah, I believe it is shown when playback is disrupted for any reason.  It is very generic for sure. 

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