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Holo May I2S and Denafrips DDCs

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I am having issues getting my Denafrips Gaia DDC to work with the May KTE via I2S.


Seems Holo has 4 different pin out settings, all of which use MCLK, which the Gaia apparently does not output.  

Has anyone got the May and Gaia to play nice together using I2S? I was aware different manufacturers use different pin outs, but these two guys can’t seem to gel.  The USB interface sounds great, but I really wanted to compare it to the I2S interface on the May.


McIntosh MC601s - C50 | Harbeth M40.3 XD | Holo May KTE  | SOtM sMS-200 Neo - sPS-500 | PS Audio P20 PowerPlant | SVS SB13-Ultra subs

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