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Article: Review | Kinki Studio EX-M1+ 215 WPC Integrated Amplifier


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Always fun to read about a giant killer!  Although I agree that some expensive stuff does not sound as good as less expensive stuff, I do think there's a strong correlation between price and performance, at least from well respected brands.  I was expecting you to give this a big thumbs up by saying it's like an NAD, just to pick a great minimalist brand.  So it's awesome that a thoughtful listener would compare this to a D'Angostino.


The noise issue is interesting, especially in light of your note about not being a cable swapper.  I swapped my cables and added power conditioning long after putting together the rest of my system, to great benefit.  My take was that these things lowered the noise floor and enabled much more detail to come through.  I wonder if the secret sauce of the Kinki is that they figured out how to reduce noise inexpensively without third party cables/conditioning?

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