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Lumin using Tidal Connect vs. Tidal through Lumin App vs. Tidal through Roon


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Any thoughts on the sound quality?

User interface and experience goes to Roon.
The Tidal app is a horrible mess. Never used it before :(
The Lumin app isn't much better, but is in between Roon and Tidal experience wise.


How about sound quality?

Anyone noticed a tangible difference?


I changed out my line stage tubes right at the same time, so hard to know the cause, but sound quality, even of non-master material sounded more realistic and musical with Tidal Connect.

Personally, I've never been a fan of the sound out of Roon.

Yes, I know it's bit perfect and it shouldn't sound different, but it does.

Even the old Linn player sounds better.


I don't get any value out of Roon anymore, so I'm not going to continue.

Spotify at highest quality is acceptable for non-serious listening and now Tidal Connect direct to Lumin is all I need :)





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On 4/18/2021 at 10:53 PM, franz159 said:

2) for those using Tidal, sound quality is exceptional IMHO!!!!




WOW, what a change for the better! Whereas Tidal via the BluOS app made every instrument sound isolated in its own space, streaming via the Tidal Connect app sounds so much more MUSICAL. All the sounds blend together so much better but without any sacrifice of tone or body or anything like that. I’ve done a tone of A/B tests and it’s very clear to my ears. The presentation is just totally different.




It sounds punchier and fuller on its own.
The difference is huge actually.




I tried Tidal Connect (recently released) which is supposed to access the Node 2i without using BluOS and I believe I can hear a noticable improvement in sound quality.




I am under the impression that imaging and separation has improved, was hesitant to say at first but I have now thought that multiple times on various different recordings.




Tidal Connect is a way to avoid sending data streams to your phone (or whatever) first and then on to the device actually playing it. This opens the door to higher-quality streaming direct streaming.




When working directly through Tidal Connect, unnecessary intermediate data transfer is eliminated. They are processed directly in the streaming client. The result is that Tidal audio plays in the highest possible quality.


Multiple forum members on this particular site also confirmed the same results, one of them actually added TIDAL Connect to piCorePlayer 8.0.0




TIDAL Connect on Volumio





Docker container




List of devices and operating systems



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