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HDtracks downloader on Big Sur

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Hi there,

It's been several years since I last purchased music from HDtracks.

I installed their desktop downloader on my MacMini with Big Sur OS and started downloading (Chesky Records 35th Anniversary Collection). It looked as if everything went well, but only the coverphoto and the PDF actually made it to the harddrive.


There must be some sort of security in the OS preventing the FLAC's being stored. Anyone knows where to turn this off ??


I have another MacMini with Mojave OS - tried this and it seems to work, at least for a couple of test files from the album, I downloaded.

This would work, but then I would have to move the files afterwards, and also the next time I purchase from HDtracks.


Any ideas ?


All the best





Mac Mini late 2020 / 16GB RAM / OSX Big Sur; Rockna Wavelight DAC; TDSS Level-3 upgraded NuForce Ref.9 V2 SE power amps; Avalon Eclipse Classic speakers; 2 REL T/9i subwoofers; PS PowerPlant 3.

Analog : SOTA turntable w/ Morch DP-6 tone arm / van den Hul FROG cartridge. Densen RIAA DP02 MC

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