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JCAT Net Card Femto (Rev 1.2)

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JCAT Net Card Femto (Rev 1.2)

I recently moved Roon and my music files off my home PC and onto a dedicated server (SGC i5).  As a result I no longer need the JCAT Net Card Femto which I bought in September 2019.

The card is in excellent condition, with all of the original packaging, including a Static Shield bag and Quick Start Guide.


Price of $275 includes shipping within the continental US.


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Do you still the net card available? 

C.A.P. Pipeline, windows pro 10 > Roon > SOtM USB > Keces power supply > HDplex power supply > 4x2 HD Mini DSP > Ayre DSD QB-9 > Naim CDX > ModWright 9 S.E. Preamp > A21 Parasound Amplifier > Magnepan .7 > Augie's Dipole sub, ML sub, DIY sub > Dedicated room with acoustical treatment.

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