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Passive Audio PC Music Server and USB Streamer

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Passive Audio PC Music Server and USB Streamer

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As I consider to purchase Rockna Wavedream NET server to match my Rockna DAC - I am also considering selling my best audio PC music server streamer


Intel Quad Core 3.6ghz

16gb ram

Windows 10

Asus military standard motherboard

Samsung EVO HDD

HD Plex ATX internal PSU

HD PLEX 400W Linear PSU with Mundorf Mlytic upgrade

Upgraded internal cables using top quality copper wires

Pink Faun USB Bridge with Ultra OCXO card (card alone cost 1900 EUR new, and no second hand is ever available).

Komputer is automated, passive, silent and top sound quality.

Two chassis, both silver, no scratches, like new condition.

Windows is tuned and optimized.


My price is 3500EUR shipped worldwide.

I wont sell immediately. This advert is to check interest and find a customer. If you are interested - please PM me.


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