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Help for a complete beginner

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Hello everyone, I'm interested in setting up a computer based music system to hook up to my Naim system. At the moment I have an old laptop and an even older pc. For my ipod (classic) I have about 100gig of music in my iTunes library stored on an external hard drive. An ADSL router/modem (non wireless) is hooked up to the pc and a usb modem to the laptop.


This is what I'd like to do:


Setup a wireless network, maybe getting a router that allows a hard drive connection.


Get a new laptop and Mac Mini


Stream from the hard drive to the Mac Mini


Control iTunes using laptop or iphone/touch


Connect DAC from Mini to HiFi


Does this sound feasible? Should I forget the laptop/Mac Mini and get a Macbook instead? If so can I install xp, how does this work? Is the Macbook noisy compared to the Mini?


Any recommendations on routers I could look at?


Any recommendations on DAC's that would have good synergy with a Naim system? Over at the Naim forum they're raving about the Lavry DA10, anyone have any experience with this?







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You are exactly on the right track. The best decision you have made is to go with MAC's. But take it further. Ditch the idea of installing xp. Everything can be done so much easier with Leopard.


I have both an itunes/mac mini and a sonos all networked on the one apple wifi network. To keep this simple, I use a Time capsule (which contains both a great router/wifi and backup solution in one.) You can tack on an additional drive if you want via USB. Control of both itunes and sonos is now dead easy with an iphone/itouch.


The mac mini is super quiet. I have mine stored in a desk drawer....can't hear it. You will need optical into the DAC, or get a USB>- convertor. I'm on the list for a new Empirical "Overdrive" USB DAC..which I reakon would suit you to a tee...whatever you decide on, get a DAC with volume control (then you don't need a preamp). I recommend you visit SN's site at www.empiricalaudio.com.


One final consideration. Check out Chris (the moderators) ideal system components. Also consider adding a NAS to the set up. Plug this into the time capsule via ethernet. Store your music files on this. Then point itunes at this. This has the advantage of providing you unlimited storage/upgradability. Also moves the music out of site. I think you will find the limited hardrive capacities of the macmini an annoying factor pretty quickly....


Troll this site for clues. It is unreal. Best site on the net!


Have fun. AB


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I have a Naim system and I stream audio via the airport express. I see this as the interim solution, though.


I have a wireless modem/router supplies by the ISP, this might be possible for you. That is, getting the cable company to supply the wireless modem/router.


I presume you wish to control the macmini from the laptop ? I presume you don't want your iTunes hard drive in the same room as the rest of the gear ? In this case you'd need a NAS box, or maybe an airport extreme, or even a time capsule, which contains a hard drive. The time capsule would give you a wireless router and hard disk in the same box! (I'm not sure just how you can use this drive if you run Leopard on your macs)


One of the least expensive options for a Dac is the Beresford 7510, which I find in the same league, or even better(!), than a CDX/XPS







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I'd look harder at the Macbook and skip the laptop. Curious why you want XP?


Get an airport express extreme and attach your harddrive storage to that in the backroom.


Wireless to MacBook in listening area. Macbook to (optional Dac) to Amplifier.


Control with iPhone or iTouch or the remote that comes with Macbook.


Could use mini, but the lack of a screen would frustrate me.


MacBook is darn quiet when not ripping a CD.


Easy as eating pie and icecream!


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