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Greetings Chriss and everyone at Comtputer Audiophile,


I am the Designer of the Music Vault II. I am happy to answer any question any of you may have.


The Music Vault II is designed first and foremost as an ethernet/wireless ethernet music server.


What this means is that it works with any ethernet player, it comes with the latest version of Squeeze Center and is ready to talk to any of the Logitech players as soon as it is turned on. The Music Vault also works with any networked radio or Reciever.


The Music Vault II comes with its own wireless network for communicating with the Squeeze Box family of products and other wirelss ethernet based radios and receivers. This preserves the bandwidth of your home router for computer applications and tends to provide a dropout free network for sending lossless music files throughout your home.


The Music Vault II while connected to the internet will automatically rip your CDs using your choice of WMA lossless files or Apple Lossless files. The Vault collects the album art automtically if it is available.


The Music Vault II uses Windows Home Server as its operating system which provides some unique features.

You have the ability to increase storage and backup by adding additional USB Hard Drives. Through the setup program you can configure these drives to be storage or back up. You can configure as many storage drives and back up drives as you choose. These additional Drives increase the storage capacity of the Music Folder. This is a real plus for Squeeze Center and makes all of your music visible and available to play with out having to use tricks to find music in different folders.


The Music Vault is physically very quite and is barely noticable most of the time. It makes noise when ripping a CD and occasional noise doing internal updates. When used with a Squeeze Box Classic or Transporter as a wireless Bridge it will get its internet connection from the player and you won't need a ethernet cable from your home Router to the Vault, instead you will use a cat 5 cable to the Vault from the Player. The new Squeeze Box Duet does not function as a wireless bridge.


The Music Vault II can wirelessly comunicate with up to 8 players, which turns it it into a 8 zone music server.


The Music Vault II provides bit perfect data to the players. The Squeeze Box Classic and Duet are capable of 24 bit 48 KSPS play back and the the Transporter is capable of 24 bit 96 KSPS at this time. There is talk of a firmware upgrade to bring the transporter up to 24 bit 192 KSPS. This is significant if you are a customer of hi resolution downloads.


The Music Vault II is as close to plug and play as possible, it doesn't require a monitor, key board or mouse.

Once the Music Vault II has your CD collection ripped to it, it doesn't require an internet connection to work with the players.


For those of you that have a high end Dac taking the Digital out of the Tranporter into your Dac is as good as it gets. For most people the Transporters' DAC is so good that further tweeking is unnecessary.


Using the Music Vault with a Squeeze Box and taking the Digital out of the player offers sublime sound that is only limited by your playback system.


I look forward to hearning from you .










Regards,[br]Neal Van Berg[br]Sound Science[br]www.soundsciencecat.com[br]720 308 4000

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