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Article: Audiophile Style Podcast Season 1 Directory

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I agree with the posts above, impressive stuff so far, I have really enjoyed listening to these. 


Personally I am very pleased you are taking a summer break, as I am still trying to catch up with listening to them all. There are one or two that I am keen to listen to but have not had the time yet.  (Currently catching up during my summer walks with Bluetooth headphones)


Being a little mischievous for a moment, can I suggest that you somehow get @mitchco and Dirac's Dr. Mathias Johansson together sometime, maybe over a beer, maybe over dinner, maybe a podcast? I know this would be tricky to organize, but just imagine the conversation you would have once those two start discussing room correction and similar? The world might tilt off it's axis....  🙂


As a general comment, it has been interesting to observe how Aurender, Innuos, Volumio and others seem to be very open to the idea of including room correction convolutions in some form or another.  OK, there are different ideas and approaches, notably between Innuos and Aurender, but it is fascinating to see so many different companies taking an interest in this area. I can see a trend here.

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I have listened to a couple of them twice and I have missed a couple so the directory helps.  I am SURE you need a break as this is a lot of work!


It has been very enlightening to hear how each of these companies and people see their own fit in the world of audio.  Their individual driving forces were brought out into the light!  Thank you.




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1 hour ago, stuck limo said:

@The Computer Audiophile I recently made a trip across the country and listened to these on the drive. Really enjoyed them and honestly wished they were longer. 


I have a request: can you interview the Soma FM people like you did for Radio Paradise? https://somafm.com/

Thanks so much!


I’ll add Soma FM to my list for season 2. 

Founder of Audiophile Style

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