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FS: 8 AWG Silver Plated Copper Power Cable

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FS: 8 AWG Silver Plated Copper Power Cable

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The 8 AWG silver plated copper cable is made with mil spec M22759/11 wire which is Teflon insulated and with rhodium plated copper plugs.  The cable is 5ft. long. Just an honest cable with great specs and you don’t pay for the “fluff” of commercially produced products. Only selling because I have downsized the box that this was powering. The price listed include shipping and PayPal fees.


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    65.00 USD
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2014 Mac Mini -> (LPS-1.2) EtherRegen->iBox-V1000 -> (LPS4) 20G -> May KTE -> KGGG -> SR-009S
Debut Carbon DC -> Freya -> Stealth 8
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