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EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 SC 3gb video card

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EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 SC 3gb video card

I got lucky and got my hands on a RTX3060 so I am selling this card to anyone who may want to try cuda offload with HQplayer with older CPU's to get access to additional HQP filters.  I just went through and cleaned the fan blades, and cooling fins (brush and leaf blower, they were pretty clean to begin with), I also cleaned all old heat sink compound and applied brand new Gelid GC-Extreme thermal compound, my new favorite compound.


I ran this with an AMD 1800x and was able to do a lot of HQP filters at DSD512, of course Sinc L, full XTR I was unable to do.  With base rates below 88.2 Khz most filters worked.  DSD256 with EC modulators were difficult with the AMD processor, I believe had I had a intel 6700 or 7700K I would have been able to do DSD256 with EC5 and possibly EC7 modulators.  All high rate PCM, even 32fs were possible.  Bottom line I had access to a lot more filters with this card then I would have with just the AMD CPU.  The card is in excellent condition and was only used as cuda offload for HQP.


I am asking $200 for this refurbished card, Shipping via USPS priority mail is $15.50 so $215.50 total if paying with paypal family and friends, add $7.25 if not paying with family and friends.  I do not have the original box but the card will be packed in antistatic bag with lots of padding for protection.  Guaranteed not to be DOA.


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