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I have had it with Roon, their lack of support, their user forum, and it's users...

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  • AudioDoctor changed the title to I have had it with Roon, their lack of support, their user forum, and it's users...
1 minute ago, R1200CL said:

So how can SQ be improvement ? Does anyone at Roon or you know ?


Fair, I made a request that background processing be disabled while music is playing. Last night while listening my music suddenly lost clarity and sounded, for lack of a better word, hazy. I SSHed into my server to see that Roon was using 145% of CPU resources to do something in the background. At the same time everything else was less than 1% except HQPlayer which was using 15%. I think its that processing that clouds Roon's sound.


2 minutes ago, R1200CL said:

You have probably asked for the same here 😂. You included all Roon users. 


I meant the Roon forum users to clarify. I don't get the same attitude here.


3 minutes ago, R1200CL said:

Ever considered it can be your HW ?

1 hour ago, AudioDoctor said:

Yes, so I shutdown RoonServer completely by issuing the proper command in the command line and used HQPlayer by itself and the sound quality dramatically increased.


4 minutes ago, R1200CL said:

Having a bad day ?



I wasn't...


4 minutes ago, R1200CL said:

So what’s your recommendation these days?



Euphony OS

No electron left behind.

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3 hours ago, R1200CL said:

Link to tread please 


I can't access the site. Also, in the very nasty email I received they said the thread was deleted and it was ALL MY FAULT for. being such a meanie to everyone but especially the guy that came into the thread near the end and did nothing but lob insults my way, I was extra mean to him.


and in case you think I am lying...


Screen Shot 2021-07-04 at 9.25.13 PM.png

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2 minutes ago, kennyb123 said:

It seems that when a product is regarded as the best, those who want that greatness to be conferred upon themselves are attracted to it like moths to a lamp.  When one’s objective is to have the product say something about themselves, they don’t take too kindly to others suggesting that the product has areas for improvement.  That’s a lot of what’s at play on the Roon forums.   Some of the worst of these folks simply can’t allow a reality where Roon might not be the absolute best.  They will pounce on dissenters as a means to keep their imagined reality in tact.  They simply can’t allow it to be said that Roon might not have the best sound quality.  


The moderators on their forums make the situation worse.  The bullies on the forums know how to control what’s being said there.  Their goal is to cause dissenters to storm off angry.  In a normal/healthy community it’s the toxic participants who get sent off as they receive pushback against their bullying behavior.  The moderators allow the bullies to take their shots but anyone standing up to the bullies will have their posts removed, so there is never any pushback against the toxicity.


I think it speaks very poorly about Roon the company that they allow toxic individuals to control the dialog there.  I’m guessing leadership at Roon may actually be happy that the toxic individuals are chasing off any mention of Roon sound quality not measuring up.


I don't know why some of them do it, bit it happens exactly as you describe it. I received a very nasty email from one of the mods/admins there that I was unable to reply to as well.

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My purpose for going over there and making a post is that I see a lot of potential in Roon and want to see it improve. I can't at the same time overlook it's shortcomings. I simply fail to see what's wrong about asking the devs to change the way Roon does whatever it needs to do in a way that would help with sound quality in a positive way. Roon normally uses between 3 and 6% of CPU when it is playing music. I don't see any reason it absolutely needed to do whatever it did at that exact moment that can't be done when music is not being played.


Apparently a great number of the Roon forum disagrees with me and thinks I am the worst kind of person for daring to suggest Roon needs improvement.

No electron left behind.

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