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WTS Pi2AES I2S/AES/SPDIF/USB streamer £299 (Pre-configured, plug and play)

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WTS Pi2AES I2S/AES/SPDIF/USB streamer £299 (Pre-configured, plug and play)

WTS Pi2Design Pi2AES £299

Includes Pi2aes, Raspberry Pi 4, Black Case (removed top/sidepanels in pic to show PCB), 16gb SD card, ropieeeXL pre-installed. Ready to plug and play.

I've added the 5V tweak so you just plug a 5v >2.5a PSU into the DC power plug on the bottom to power both the pi2aes and pi.
If you wish to use the normal 24v port you can do so instead. 

Shipped next day within UK, can ship to europe as well (DM for pricing).



Roon -> HQPlayer -> SMS200 Ultra/SPS500 -> Holo Audio May (Wildism Edition) -> Holo Audio Serene (Wildism Edition) -> Benchmark AHB2 -> Hifiman Susvara

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Hi ,


Is it still available ?

I plan to use it with my May L2 with I2S. Besides, i plan to use it with my 768k PCM files (PGGB).

My HOLO ddc usb card has been out of order suddenly and even after Wildism send me another one (great support BTW), it ended the same. First hours with PGGB pcm files were ok but suddenly after few hours, began to make strange noise first seconds a file was played (harsh noise and music got very slow). When tried to upgrade firmware, it got stucked on "UNLOCK" display and won't be recognised anymore by my audiopc (be it euphony or windows).

That's why i want to try I2S, and I must confess that i buy my DAC also because of your test ;)



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