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Cheapy way to 24/192 Music

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I was intrigued by the 24/192 recordings from RR and 2L. But the setup recommended by RR is way beyond my reach. But I thought I might try them out on my computer. So I bought the ESI Julia which is capable of delivering 24/192 stream which my Zhaolu D2.0 can handle. I listen via the HD650 amplified by Little Dot Mk V. Well, I got it to work as shown below using Foobar, playing the free track from 2L. But I am not blown away. I still enjoy the 24/96 from HDTrack better.




M Tan




PowerConditioning: PS Audio UPC-200; Hdplex 300W

Server: Windows 2019-CORE+AO3+Jriver24/HQPlayer 

Source: Mytek Brooklyn Amp: Audio-GD C501, AVA Set 120

 Speakers: Spendor SP2, Tannoy Saturn S10

Desktop: W10+Topping D90+Stax  SRS3100

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