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UpTone Audio LS-2 Linear Power Supply - Sale Pending

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UpTone Audio LS-2 Linear Power Supply - Sale Pending

Dual-output, choke-filtered linear power supply with four user-selectable DC output voltages.  

Two independently adjustable, separately regulated outputs; Voltage choices are user set from the back panel: 5V, 7V, 9V, or 12V.  

Guaranteed current capability is 5 amps continuous from either output at any voltage setting.  

(Up to 7.0 amps split between outputs, depending upon DC voltage combination; Instantaneous capability of up to 10A).

User configurable for worldwide operation at 100/120/220/230/240 volts AC.

Dimensions: 9.0 inches wide x 9.1 inches deep x 3.3 inches tall (with feet).

Original packaging. Please note that the sheet metal around the DC-2 Output is slightly bent but the connections (ground and pin) are undamaged and fully functional.



A 5-ft DC cable is Included.


Price includes shipping to CONUS only and PayPal fees.



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