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The development of Cascade Netgear GS105 x Giesemann OCXO Video Switch for Netflix and 4K YouTube

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Got the Netgear GS105 OCXO version and here's what i heard within 1st hour:

1. Started with Arlo Parks (not Arvo Part:) - music moved more from speakers to the space between speakers. Smoother. Realized that maybe Arlo Parks with her pop-production is not maybe the best to try to hear the differences.


2. Changed to Michael Kiwanuka 24bit / 44kHz. This is very good Folk Soul, and i let him to - Tell me a Tale - the song got more lyrical, and i realized it sounded more like my HiEnd vinyl system i sold!
I could connect more easily emotionally to the music, which was exactly the goal of this folk-soul.

Still listening to Michael Kiwanka, music just flows.

Oh yeah, i plan to use the switch for music only. I do have another switch before it, which connects my Macbook to the network. I could change this one AfterDark version, but not sure if maybe it would be too much of a good thing!

The switch is fed with Sbooster MK2 with Cardas Golden Reference powercord.

If i want to listen to it analytically, 1st thought is wow, like my ex-vinyl system, more analogue - something which i never had thought till now.  

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