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The development of Cascade Netgear GS105 x Giesemann OCXO Video Switch for Netflix and 4K YouTube

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Received my switch today including the LPSU.

Thanks to @AfterDark. for quick delivery. I already have an etherregen with Queen squarewave Adark clock + LPSU for all.

I frankly was not prepared for how much better my streaming sounds now, and its not even burned in yet.

The details, soundstage, bass and so on, all is improved. I know its a lot of boxes to get this kind of level of SQ but its worth it.


Very happy!🙂





Vinnie Rossi LIO integrated amp with DAC, Sotm SMS-200 ultra/TX USB ultra, powered by an Uptone LPS-1 Audiostore Roonserver powered by a  HD plex PS. ASUS router AC 68 powered by a Teddy pardo PS, 

Speakers are standmounts Klångedang T1 with external crossover , Rega Planar 3 Lejonklou Slipsik phonostage

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