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Sansui CA2000

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Sansui CA2000

Vintage preamp, late 70's

Form Stereo control amplifier Output voltage (Output power) Preamplifier output: 1V
Sound-recording output (Pin/Din): 150mV/30mV Maximum output voltage (1kHz) 12V (less than THD 0.1%) THD (Aux) 0.03% or less Cross modulation distortion (Aux, 70Hz:7kHz=4:1, SMPTE) 0.03% or less Frequency characteristic (Output power) 10Hz-80kHz+0.5 -1 dB RIAA deflection (20Hz - 20kHz) �}0.2dB Channel separation (an Output power, 1kHz) 60dB or more SN ratio (IHF, A network, a short circuit) More than Phono1:75dB
Aux, Tape mon: 90dB or more Input sensitivity/impedance (an Output power, 1kHz) Phono1:2mV, 4mV, 8mV / 30kohm, 50kohm, 100kohm
Aux, Tuner, Tape play:150mV /, 50kohm Phono maximum permissible input 1000mV (1kHz, THD 0.1%, Input sensitivity of 8mV) Tone control Bass: �}10dB (30Hz)
Midrange: �}5dB (1.5kHz)
Treble: �}10dB (20kHz) Tone selector Bass: 600Hz, 300Hz, 150Hz
Treble: 2kHz, 4kHz, 8kHz A low filter - 3dB (20Hz), 12dB / oct
- 3dB (60Hz), 12dB / oct A high filter - 3dB (7kHz), 6dB / oct
- 3dB (12kHz), 12dB / oct Muting -20dB Power dissipation 20W Dimensions Width 460x height 176x depth of 345mm Weight 9.9kg

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    JM Sound
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  • Price
    695.00 USD
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