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Somewhere around here I made my prediction that Intel Macs would lose feature parity with M1 Macs over time...

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I'm not sure how newsworthy this sort of stuff is—but it garners clicks, so...


With every new chip, every new operating system, there's always something that the old versions won't do. I started programming on IBM System 360 machines and nowadays they are only in museums.

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The features that are Apple Silicon-specific are — as far as I know — taking advantage of the neural engine on the M1 (and presumably on future chips in the family). I expect macOS to continue to support the last generation of Intel Macs for some years to come without losing features, but I suspect feature parity will diverge as more new features will depend on hardware that just isn’t there.

Life was so much cheaper when I couldn't hear a difference between these things.

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