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Article: Audiophile Style Podcast: Episode 22 | Mitch Barnett of Accurate Sound Interview

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Great interview @The Computer Audiophile and @mitchco!

2 ch Setup:

Motorola Modem sb6141> Emo Systems EN-70HD > (5) eero > Synology 1813+ (DSM 6.2), 4TB Seagate NAS Drives, 4GB RAM & Zero Surge & APC XS BX1000G/backup to Synology DX513) > Roon > Topping D90 > BSS BLU 50 > (2) Hypex NCore NC502MP > JBL M2 Master Reference


Watch my Podcast https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXMw_bZWBMtRWNJQfTJ38kA/videos

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I am a zealous proponent of Mitch’s room correction service. It made my “unusual” main listening space usable by correcting the room’s influence on the bass, for two sets of speakers over the last two years. But it also did amazing things when I just said, “Why not?” and had Mitch prepare filters for my two BlueSound Pulse Flex 2i speakers that I listen to in mono in other rooms of my house. One sits on the bottom shelf of a bookcase with a vase as camouflage hiding it from view, while the other sits on the bottom shelf of a side table and is listened to while reclining in a bed where I like to drift off to sleep with musical accompaniment.  The improvement in sound - even with these little speakers in less than ideal locations - was HUGE and surprising.  Just a data point to show that DSP can fix issues and listening scenarios 2798F362-98E0-47BF-8471-2AD642C1E1E6.thumb.jpeg.88c71f1f53196a9f24d9aadb6d2fede7.jpegDCAEF5A0-E51B-48D6-A16F-BB1E945047E8.thumb.jpeg.fdb1e61cc38ed602ec8d455ee09ac160.jpegthat were not even conceived of by the manufacturers of your audio equipment. 

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