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Direct connection of server to DAC vs streaming?

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I apologize if this is a question that has been much discussed or is, perhaps unanswerable, but I am a novice looking for advice.  I am currently using my home PC as my server and stream over ethernet to an Auralic Vega G1 streaming dac.  I've added a Sonore Optical Module to connect to the A side of the EtherRegen.  I use both Roon (for convenience) and the Auralic app, primarily when streaming from Qobuz because of enhanced sound quality.  I would like to retire my home PC from audio service and get a dedicated server.  I am also considering upgrading my dac.  


I am considering either: 1) adding a server like the Small Green Computer i5 or i9 or Fidelizer Nimitra Signature or Exasound Gamma Server that I can place in another location and stream to a streaming dac (e.g. Bricasti M3; Vega G2.1; or the new Exasound S82 when it comes out) or 2) connect the server directly to the dac either through a dedicated ethernet connection (as used by Melco) or directly through USB.


Is there any guidance on which sort of set up is best for sound quality? 1) streaming from server to dac via ethernet either directly (1a) or over the network (1b)? or 2) direct connection via usb?

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