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Audiophile 24bit 96khz Studio Master Files on BandCamp!!!

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Thanks for the info!! 👍

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As a bonus, quite often the artist will release a hi res version on WAV only at Bandcamp. There's nothing in the description of the download that points to a hires version. Typical example is Jazz Sabbath,  the flac is redbook, the wav is 88.2 IIRC.

It's a little more work to make the flac yourself with the right tools to set the metadata,  no biggie. I always now download the wav.

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37 minutes ago, christian u said:

I wonder if BandCamp will start doing hi-res streaming in the future as a response to apple.

I sure hope not. This whole name/numbers game is getting old, and is really just a cynical marketing ploy by the behemoths, imo. Of course, if it costs Bandcamp nothing to do so then sure, but I'd rather keep the $ going to the labels and artists vs server upgrades in order to play keeping up with the Joneses (who really don't give a sh*t about hi-res other than attracting new users for subs and marketing data). 

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On 6/7/2021 at 11:14 PM, christian u said:

On Carmen's own bandcamp site you can get the 16/44 files but also order the very fine sounding Red Book CD versions.

But of course there is something to be said for owning the original one to one copy of the master file for an audiophile classic album like Thousand Shades of Blue  download from the Sound Liaison site.


I'd recommend folks go for the 24/96, much better IMO. 

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