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Mosaic Records - new website

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Mosaic Records have revamped their website: https://www.mosaicrecords.com/


Lots of interesting things to browse through: articles, videos, reviews, pictures, discographies..


Here's the presentation given in their newsletter:


When Charlie Lourie and I started Mosaic Records in 1982, we believed that we had stumbled upon the winning formula to realize dreams and pay the rent.  One little sentence in our eight-page proposal to restart Blue Note Records through Capitol Records gave us a new avenue to pursue: Definitive and complete boxed sets of great jazz artists at their peak with newly improved sound and booklets containing thorough discographies and research, great essays and vintage photography. 

We lost Charlie on December 31, 2000, but have carried on in the spirit and style that he created for Mosaic Records. 39 years after inception, we are still at it, creating the kind of deluxe boxed sets that we’ve been known for. The configuration changed from LP to LP & CD to CD only. Marketing has drastically evolved from post cards and small ads to ever-growing brochures to our websites, But we’ll never stop identifying and creating definitive boxed sets. 

Music on physical formats has slowed down steadily since the late ‘90s and in order to sustain existence in this shrinking world, we have created a new hybrid website. It will feature current and new Mosaic titles and our shopping cart, but it will be rich in content that celebrates the musical world that we all love.

We will draw upon the immense amount of material that we have developed over the last 39 years as well as other videos, audio tracks, books, essays, interviews, articles and reviews that are available. We will also present work from great jazz writers such as the late Bob Belden, Bob Blumenthal, Dan Morgenstern , Terry Teachout, Gary Giddins, Ricky Riccardi, and Scott Yanow. Our goal is to build a compelling jazz site that will continue far into the future

This new site will require funds and many hours of labor. In order to remain a functioning business, Mosaic Records will be seeking out advertising revenue as traffic to the site builds. We hope you’ll enjoy exploring what we have to offer.

 - Michael Cuscuna

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