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It’s worthy the dragonfly black with the AT M50X - iPhone SE?

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Greetings guys. Now that apple announced lossless audio in apple music, I’m considering buying a portable DAC for my iPhone.

They said that will be using ALAC from 16 bit at 44.1 kHz, to 24bit at 48/192 kHz.

I have an AudioTechnica ATH-M50X and the Iphone SE. I never used a DAC before and found a dragonfly black for 65$.

My question is: That dragonfly will be noticeable in that particular case? Should I save for the red instead? (180$) or another particular option?

Btw, for now, I’m not considering change my phone, headphones or spend too much in my first DAC (100$ sounds good to me).

Thank you guys.

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