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Smart Playlist That Stopped Being Smart!

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A couple of years ago I changed external SSD that held my music library.  When I did that I lost all my play counts in iTunes/Music.  I decided to create a Smart Playlist I called Zero Master List which only rule was Plays Is 0. At the time I created it about 27,000 songs of the 31,000 I had had zero play count.  I listened to this Smart Playlist extensively for a long period of time and a couple months ago finished it so that there were no titles or songs left in the playlist.  However I kept the playlist over the next few months and as I added additional albums I listened to those based on the playlists and those albums or songs would be eliminated from the Smart Playlist until very recently.  I have added three new albums to the Zero Master List in the past week and I have listened to each album at least once.  But, the rules don't seem to be taking effect at least not completely.  I have listened to one album three times and only three songs were eliminated from the playlist.  I listened to another twice with only one song being eliminated and most recently listened to an album completely for the first time with no change in the play count indicating that I had listened to it.


I'm stumped as to why this is occurring or not occurring.  Why are songs not being eliminated from this Smart Playlist as they have been so consistently over the past couple of years?  I am on a MacBook Pro with the latest OS and also on he latest iOS for Music/iTunes.  Has anyone else shared this experience?

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I am having a similar issue with playcounts & last played not updating.


After a few hours with Apple Support the problem appears to be isolated to AirPlay playing to third party speakers (e.g. Sonos or Naim). 

When the same songs are played on my MacBook speakers or by Airplay to Apple TV (to KEF LS50) the problem doesn’t occur.


Apple want me to do more tests, screenshots and log files.  Hopefully they’ll get to the root of the issue soon.

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