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Help with Headphone + Subwoofer set up

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I'm looking for some help with setting up my music/movie audio rig with a subwoofer. I have a pair of planar magnetic headphones plugged into a schiit magni 2 amp which is then plugged into a passive switch that lets me switch between PC audio and my turntable. One side of the switch is plugged into a schiit mani DAC which then plugs into my pc via USB, the other side of the switch plugs into a cheap phono pre-amp that grounds and brings my Realistic Lab 200 turn table to level. I've been running this set up with no issues, I'm able to unplug my headphones and use a speaker from the amp's out when I don't feel like wearing headphones and it's nice.

I've had an SDAT subwoofer sitting next to my desk for the last 4 months and I've been trying desperately to integrate it into my set up because I really want that bass reverb effect when I'm listening to certain music. My ultimate goal is to be able to wear my headphones and listen between my pc and turntable with the subwoofer going in both cases, it'd be nice if the sub handled the low end of sound by itself but I wouldn't mind that reverb like I said.

I've tried plugging the amps out directly into the RCA ins of the sub. I've tried the same with input coming from only the DAC, pre-amp, turntable, switch, I even tried running it as a right speaker with my left monitor and nothing. I also tried using RCA splitters from every input and no luck either.

Am I missing a receiver or something? What does this sub woofer need in order to bump??

By the way I have no idea what kind of sub it is other than it's made by SDAT. I got for free from the same old man that sold me the turntable. He actually gave me a whole 5.1 surround system with the sub but I can't find the exact model for the life of me. When it's flipped on it has a flashing red light going off at the front every 3 seconds. The label on the back for model is blank but it does say 300W PMPO 50/60 HZ 110 AVC. This is the closest thing I could find but the sub isn't the same sadly:


I also got a pic of the back of the sub and my entire set up + a rough sketch of everything's placement. (The sketch also includes the center, front, and right speakers that came with the sub but I'm not really planning on using those.)

I'd appreciate any help that will get me closer to that sweet sweet bass. And sorry for the looong read.




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My guess is that this is your Sub with model information:


Found here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/323598227239


Model CES501



Sounds to me that the Sub may be busted. Maybe open it up and see if a fuse or something is tripped in there given the mention of a Red blinking light on its front panel.


But, unless the Schitt Preamp allows you to simultaneously play both the Analog Output and the Headphone Outputs at the same time you may be dead in the water.


If the Schitt does allow both Outputs to play at the same time then the sub probably needs to be repaired or replaced.



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