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DSD recording software/app

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My first post...yeah!!!


I normally spin records and now its time for me to digitise some of my LPs. Wondering what application would you prefer to record in DSD 125 or 256. I have RME ADI-2 PRO FS R as DA/AD converter feeding to my 2019 Mac mini via USB. One of my friends suggested to use Sound Forge but wanted to get the opinion from experts here. I am not sure if I can achieve this task in Logic Pro.


Any recommendations will be highly appreciated.


Thanks so much.


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Thanks but I find Vinyl Studio is a bit cumbersome to use. Some key features are hidden or difficult to find. So there's a learning curve. In other words, it was designed with Windows OS in mind not Mac or both :) But I will get used to of as I have to record 5-10 albums that are no longer available, and out of prints and before anything could happen to my copy(ies), I better have them digitally just in case.


Thanks again. I may need some help in digitising these albums and will post any question I may have.

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