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The opticalRendu with external clock input.

opticalRendu with external clock input  

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I suggested to Jesus, to update the fantastic  opticalRendu with an optional external clock input.


Based on knowledge how much better the EtherRegen, Singxer SU-2, and Mutec MC-3+UScan sound with an external clock, I think a natural development and upgrade of the opticalRendu would be adding external clock input. 

As Jesus responded and suggested, you may also email him and request. I hope this poll will push Sonore in the right direction 😀

@vortecjr, why not in your next email to all your customers, link to this poll, or request the same feedback.

I’m convinced an opticalRendu with external 10 MHz clock will be nice upgrade. Maybe @JohnSwenson can “confirm” that a better 10 MHz clock in the opticalRendu will measure better. Further to avoid the discussion sine vs. square, I suggest sine input, and make a possible better conversion internally to square. 

I’m attempted to also suggest next batch og the opticalModule should have this option. But that’s probably an overkill. 

As the @AfterDark. clocks is the hottest candidate for most audiophiles, I suggest those who vote, to request a 50 ohm input, as this match with all his standard clocks and cables. AfterDark clocks is sine. (With one exception). 



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