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Article: Meet The Audiophile Style Community | Volume 16

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Hi Hopkins,


Well, the show I saw was March 10, 1968 at the Washington Hilton Hotel ballroom. It was the Jimi Hendrix Experience and the Soft Machine with an opening act I don't remember. Hendrix was the headliner and they did two shows one in the afternoon and one at night. I went to the early one which started  at 3 pm. Audiophile sound it was not but as I remember the sound wasn't too bad. I didn't remember the entire set list but I do remember the Experience opened with Sgt. Pepper and the crowd went nuts. I recently looked it up and the set list was Sgt. Pepper, Hey Joe, Foxey Lady, The Wind Cries Mary, Red House, Purple Haze and Wild Thing. It wasn't a very long concert I don't think Soft Machine or the Experience played more than an hour each but the music was hot! Jimi did most of his stage moves like playing behind his back but didn't set his guitar on fire. He was using a bunch of effects pedals like fuzztone and wah-wah. Jimi did a bunch of improvisation and his playing was great. The friend I went with and I both thought we had really got our monies worth. I think the tickets were $4 each.






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